- Septic tank / Slurry cleaning system


– SEPTIC TANK / SLURRY CLEANING SYSTEM is designed, fabricated & assembled to create vacuum for sucking out dense oil, Grit and other spillage from Pits, Pipelines, Chmabers, Oil tanks - utilised for emptying Sewer sludge from Gully-pit, Manhole, Cesspool, Septic tank etc.

This heavy duty system is mostly applicable for septic tanks cleaning, removal of Slurry, Chemical Waste, Grit, Mud, Semi Solids, Liquid, Heavy particles etc., and utilized by septic tank cleaning contractors, Municipal corporation, Environmental Safety Services Units, Recycling & Effluent Plants, Chemical Plants, Paper Industries, refineries etc.,

This system can be assembled and tank fabricated in the customer's new H.C.V / L.C.V. vehicles chassis. The customer should provide a selective vehicle chassis along with side P.T.O (Power Take off ) unit.

The basis function of the system is and “EXHAUSTER CUM COMPRESSOR” utilized for creating vacuum and sucking out slurry / sludge from 9 meters depth through a suction hose to the vehicle tank. Storage capacity of tanker & sucking out capacity per hour may differ depends upon the model of vehicle chassis provided by the customer. The vehicle P.T.O. is rated for a maximum power to operate the compressor. The P.T.O ( Power Take Off Unit ) to be supplied by the customer along with the vehicle.

We give below for selecting the necessary model of vehicle chassis along with P.T.O. for Customers reference which will help us to fabricate the storage tank capacity & to assemble the suitable model of compressor.

Vehicle Chassis / Model & Make
Storing Tank Capacity
5500 Ltrs
4000 Ltrs
4000 Ltrs
4000 Ltrs
Ashok Leyland & Comet 1110 / 1112
5500 Ltrs
8000 To 10000 Ltrs
5500 Ltrs
4500 Ltrs
4000 Ltrs
TATA – 407
1500 Ltrs
2500 To 3000 Ltrs
7000 To 8000 Ltrs


   Sludge Tank Capacity : 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6000, 8000 Ltrs

   A hinged, fully opening rear door for emptying oil, Sludge etc.

   Exhauster / Compressor : flow 540 m3/ hr.

   Driven by PTO through propeller shaft
   Changeover from suction to pressure through a reverse flow value

   Double safety : Vacuum and pressure relief valves provided on sludge    sectiion of tank - Exhauster / compressor fitted witha check valve to    prevent back pressure, for double protection.

   Maximum sucking capacity depths upto 9 mtrs.

The following items like Exhauster Compressor, Pressure Relief Valve, Vacuum Relief Valve, Vacuum, Pressure Gauge, Liquid Level Indicator, 4” ID Heavy duty suction hose of 30 meters length with couplings, Filter assembly, Drain & Suction Valve, Over Flow drain Tank, Fittings Accessories & adapters are assembled as a system. The construction of tank is by 6 mm welded mild steel, with dish end, slopping pad, baffle plate, Tanker rear door, with air tight arrangement, accessories and a special hose rack, in the top of the tank are fabricated. The inner portion of the tank will be double coated by epoxy paint and outer surface will be finished with enamel paint. The preferred color of the paint will be as the customer's choice. The system will be supplied only by using best quality material and customers satisfaction in our motto.